Most people have good intentions when they create a social media strategy for their business.  It’s an excellent way to stay connected with people and keep them informed of upcoming events or new listings.  However, they soon find it isn’t quite as easy as they thought it would be.  Take a look at the list of the 10 biggest problems with your social media strategy below and if you find yourself practicing any or all 10, you may need to look for a remedy sooner than later.

  1. Not keeping up on your social media.

    There is a huge similarity between fitness equipment and social media accounts; you started with the best of intentions, yet they often go unused.

  2. #Not #everything #deserves #a #hashtag.

    Hashtags are meant to help organize content by category and many attempts by very large businesses to create their own branded #hashtags have failed.  Be intuitive with the use of #hashtags; #over #doing #it #just #annoys #people.

  3. Pushing the same message across multiple platforms.

    Posting the same content on your Facebook, Google+, and Twitter account is like asking people to read your same email over and over.  Eventually, they’ll just ignore you completely.

  4. Talking AT people instead of with people.

    Social media encourages socializing; it is not a lectern to give an impassioned speech from.

  5. Social media is a bottom-rung priority.

    In the scope of business the noisy client, vendor or broker gets the attention so by the time social media rolls around it’s simply not important.  And your followers don’t like feeling unimportant.

  6. Your content is nothing but reposts and shares of someone else’s content.

    Unless people see you as a valuable news aggregation service, people will eventually lose their appreciation for your posts.  They may just go direct to the source and follow them instead.

  7. Not knowing the strengths and weaknesses of various platforms.

    It would be like taking an advertorial and just pasting it on a television screen during the big game in February.  Was it the number one audience in television that failed or the person who crafted the advertisement?

  8. Ignoring your target audience.

    You could have the most popular social media account in the world, but if you find your audience is predominately young people living in India, you may find the end results a bit underwhelming.  Stay focused on your target audience.

  9. Not responding to questions, criticisms, or general statements.

    If you’re not responding, people will think you’re ignoring them.  If people think you’re ignoring them they don’t feel important and will go someplace else.  It’s also a great opportunity to show you take customers concerns seriously.

  10. You have no social media strategy.

    You simply signed up for social media accounts because you heard it might be a good idea.  My husband heard running would be good for him so he ran…and ran…and ran.  He couldn’t walk normal for a week and hasn’t run since.  So was running a bad idea, or did he do it wrong?  Make sure you have a strategy in place before beginning any new endeavor!

If you have found yourself practicing any of the 10 biggest problems with your social media strategy, have no fear.  Your followers are forgiving.  Start making changes today and grow you social media community in a sincere and focused way.