Below are 10 blog topics for real estate agents to write about.  Doing so regularly will help keep your website relevant and make it more optimized for search engines.  The challenge is coming up with new content each week to make the blog work for you.  The best way to come up with topics is to think about what consumers are searching for online.  Here are 10 blog topics for real estate agents to help get you started in the right direction:

  1. Local Events.

    The benefit of this topic is you can write about one specific event each week; don’t try to cram them all into one post.  Say there are two or three big events in one month in your city.  Take one and write about it one week, the next one the second week and so on.

  2. Local Neighborhoods.

    Write about the houses, schools, and location of one neighborhood or local community and post it one week.  Write about another neighborhood the next week.  This way when consumers search online for a specific community, there is a good chance your article will come up.

  3. Your Hobbies or Interest.

    What do you like to do in your community?  Write about it!  Tell us why you like doing what you do and why your area is a great place to do it.

  4. Top 5 Scams to watch for.

    Another topic many consumers will search online for before purchasing real estate is “real estate scams”.  Post an article on your blog for what people should look out for and there’s a good chance your article will come up in their search thus making you look like the real estate expert that you are!

  5. Real Estate Terms.

    Acceleration clause; deed-in-lieu; qualifying ratios; what do all these mean?  Make a list of the top 10 or 20 most common real estate terms and a brief description of what they are.  Remember, you can choose a few to post one week, a few the next, and so on.

  6. National Recognition.

    Did your city make a top 10 list somewhere?  Most Active City; Best Educated; Top Tourism Spot; Friendliest Town – any time your town makes an appearance somewhere, brag about it!

  7. Opportunities Clients Shouldn’t Miss.

    This could be low-interest rates; a home or homes priced exceptionally low; a sudden drop in inventory (great time to sell).

  8. A Happy Client.

    Take a photo of a client in front of their new home with keys in hand.  Write about their experience.  They’ll want to share it with their friends and it makes great content for your site.

  9. Local Trends.

    Every city is different so talk about what’s happening in your town, where the locals like to eat, what they like to do, where they work, play and relax.

  10. Tips on Selling your Home.

    Write about de-cluttering your home; fixing little things around the house; manicuring the front yard and other simple things people can do to make their home more desirable to others.

Remember, the purpose of putting new content on your website is to attract new prospects and clients, not your peers.  Real estate related news and industry information might be something other Realtors® are looking for but “looking ahead to the 2017 legislative session” is probably not something a consumer is too concerned about.

Use one or more of these 10 blog topics for real estate agents to write about this week to get started and go from there.  The more you do it the easier it becomes.