Six Mailing Ideas to Stay In Touch with Your Client

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Email is a great way to communicate with your clients, especially ones you’re currently working deals with.  It provides easy access and a quick way to respond or ask questions.  Yet, once the transaction has closed, email isn’t the best way to stay in touch.  It may be years [...]

5 Most Important Functions Your Website Should Have

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When designing your website there are two distinct markets you must cater to; Google and future clients.  In order for your future clients to find you, it must rank high in a Google search first.  We state Google as it represents 66.5% of core searches compared to 17.3% of [...]

10 Blog Topics for Real Estate Agents to Write About

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Below are 10 blog topics for real estate agents to write about.  Doing so regularly will help keep your website relevant and make it more optimized for search engines.  The challenge is coming up with new content each week to make the blog work for you.  The best way to [...]

Stop Paying for Bad Leads Get Higher Quality

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Every day agents share stories with us about their frustration with the lead quality they receive when purchasing a lead program.  That’s why we say stop paying for bad leads!Agents often look at lead services as fishing lines in a river of real estate opportunity.  With each website they buy [...]