important functions

When designing your website there are two distinct markets you must cater to; Google and future clients.  In order for your future clients to find you, it must rank high in a Google search first.  We state Google as it represents 66.5% of core searches compared to 17.3% of Bing searches and 12% of Yahoo. 

This is a list of the 5 most important functions your website should have.  Make sure your website does these things in this order:

1. Loads fast and always up. 

This is what Google looks at.  Consumers get impatient and often leave a site that takes too long to load.  Google has even less patience.  When your site takes too long to load Google will penalize it and it won’t rank high in search engine results.  If it doesn’t rank high, your clients won’t be able to find you.  The use of a content distribution network, or CDN, will serve content to end-users with high performance.  This makes both Google and your future clients happy.

2. Up-to-date. 

Seems simple enough but it’s surprising at how many websites we see that have outdated photos, email addresses, web templates or even listings.  EVERYTHING about your site needs to be up-to-date.  If your bio picture is from the 80’s; if you’re using a Market Leader web template from 5 years ago; if you feature an event that no longer exists; consumers won’t think you’re relevant and will move on.

3. Relevant to searches.

Guiding the consumer to where they want to go on your site is important.  You do this with the use of landing pages.  When a prospect clicks on an ad about relocating to Boise it should not take them to the contact page of your website.  They may leave since they wanted to find out about relocating to Boise, not about you or your company just yet.  Instead take them to a specific landing page talking about relocating to Boise.  This way they’ll stay on your site to read it.  Now that they’re engaged, they’re more likely to fill out the lead-capture form to learn more about relocating to Boise.  And from there they can then click the contact page to learn more about you when they’re ready.

4. Capture leads.

The whole point of a website is to get new clients.  Unless your site has a “Buy Now” button, it should capture leads.  Websites with 30+ landing pages get 7x more leads than those with 10 or less.  If your website doesn’t have landing pages, it is performing only to a small fraction of its full potential.

5. Unique content.

This is so important to Google.  The more unique content your site has, the better results you’ll see in Google.  DO NOT copy and paste articles from another site.  If Google has indexed the article once before then sees it again on your site, Google will penalize you.  Do not plagiarize your own site!  Many agents have several websites and will put the same articles on each one.  Google does not know you are the owner of many sites.  What it does know is that the same content is on several sites and Google will penalize one or more.  If you do have many sites, choose one site to put unique content on and it will be the site that gets ranked highest.

Great sales people will do well regardless of a website.  They know how to prospect, listen and follow through.  Couple that work ethic with these 5 most important functions your website should have and go from a great agent to top-producer.