Google AdWords

Think about the last time you were moving to a completely new city or state.  What was the first thing started to do?  Did you immediately start looking at what home you were going to buy or did you Google the area first to learn where, exactly, in this new city you wanted to live?

Research First

On average, people planning to move to a new area start their research three months before buying a home.  They are researching the city, the differences between communities, average salary, real estate prices, crime statistics, best and worst neighborhoods, transit situation; they’re searching for solutions to questions they don’t even have yet.

With Google Adwords, we address those questions during their search.   We build landing pages on topics people are typing into a Google search.  By clicking the ad and landing on your page, they find the answer to their question.  They fill out the form to learn more – long before they’re looking to buy a house.  This allows you to start the relationship building process with the prospect early so when they are ready to buy you are the first agent they think of.

Know Before You Spend

If you’re contemplating on spending $800 or more a month on one of the three major real estate sites, you’re competing for leads with several other agents, well into the prospects decision-making cycle.  There is a good chance they have already contacted the listing agent direct or that another agent got to them first.  Your money would be better spent targeting prospects earlier in their decision-making process, becoming a resource for them, and earning their trust and eventually their business.

We’d Love to Help

Here at Marketmvr, we’re Google Adwords Certified.  We create compelling ads with long-tail search phrases and beautiful, relevant landing pages.  We do a lot behind the scenes to get you new clients and we do it with a smile on our face.  🙂 Give us a call – we’d love to help you!