2019 Boise Relocation Magazine

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2019 Boise & Treasure Valley Relocation Magazine

About the ALL NEW Boise Relocation Magazine

What’s New
With our recent relocation to Boise we’re able to go even further with the 2019 Boise Relocation Magazine. The new product will have a completely new look and feel; better capturing the essence of a magazine. All new photography will be presented throughout the entire magazine highlighting the very best of the valley. Heavier emphasis will be placed on lifestyle so we’ll have greater content applicable to family, recreation, local interests, and expect more vibrant content on local Treasure Valley communities.

Completely unique for this year will be the addition of an Agent Branded iOS & Android Relocation Magazine App for LeadSuite purchasers. The App will provide an easy-to-follow relocation magazine as well as the ability to PUSH notifications to those who have downloaded and installed your relocation magazine app.

The Boise Relocation Magazine
This exciting 88-page magazine is a helpful resource to promote yourself and the Valley while sharing information centered around the Boise Metro area. It highlights the diversity of various Treasure Valley communities, demographics, statistics, activities, jobs, education, healthcare, and much more. The guide covers the communities of Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Eagle, Star, Meridian, Middleton, Caldwell, and Kuna.

Like before, the Boise & Treasure Valley Magazine Guide is fully customized with your branding and contact information without a single other advertiser (besides yourself).

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Boise Relocation LeadSuite Package

Regular Price: $295 Single Agent & $315 Team (2 to 4) |  No Monthly Fees
2019 Boise & Treasure Valley Relocation LeadSuite

The Boise LeadSuite is a turnkey comprehensive solution that allows you to start attracting and converting interested relocation prospects and turn them into new clients.

ALL NEW Includes the Boise Relocation Magazine
Exclusively branded with the agent’s information – no other advertisers or real estate agents.

NEW FeatureS Includes the Landing Page Platform
The easiest way to share your new Relocation Guide while simultaneously tracking conversion data.

NEW for 2019 Includes the IOS & ANDROID APP*
Makes your magazine even more portable and allows you to PUSH notifications to their device.
*There is no expiration on the app once installed on a device.  However, the app may only be available for download for 12-months and may be subject to other Apple or Android accessibility restrictions.

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It’s everything you need to attract & convert real estate leads, all in one package.

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Relocation Guide / Landing Page Platform

Boise Relocation (a la carte)

Boise Relocation Guide

Regular Price: $150 single agent; $170 team (2 to 4) No Monthly Fees
2019 Boise & Treasure Valley Relocation Magazine

Our fully customized Relocation Guide is an inexpensive prospecting and relationship tool that is easy to share. It is fully customized with the individual agent’s information and branding without any other advertisements or other real estate agents. The Relocation Guide is easy to share online, promote on social media, email, or PPC, and is available for short order printing for easy physical distribution as a glossy magazine.

People purchasing the Relocation Guide by itself commonly already have a content-focused marketing strategy in place; if you do not already have such a strategy, the LeadSuite is a turnkey solution.

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Boise Landing Page Platform (a la carte)

Boise Landing Page Platform

Regular Price: $199.00 | No Monthly Fees
Boise - Landing Page Platform

Here is an affordable, easy, and effective way to share your new Relocation Guide while simultaneously tracking conversion data.

This advanced Landing Page Platform collects user information and automatically shares the Relocation Guide with the requester. This information is then sent to you via text message, email, and securely backed up within the platform itself. Best of all, the platform and information gathered is 100% owned by you – it is not shared or available to anyone else.

The platform is mobile friendly, search engine optimized, social media optimized, and easy to promote on any PPC network. You’re simply not going to find an easier or less-expensive solution. And best of all, this isn’t another do-it-yourself web platform – we deliver the platform fully customized and finished for you with your branding, contact details, and link to your Relocation Guide.  It is ready to work the day you receive it.

NEW Features

  • Download page has been completely updated to include a flip book style viewer.
  • We have also implemented an optional friendly exit pop-up if the visitor has not completed the relocation magazine form.
Landing Page Sample
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Frequently Asked Questions

We encourage folks to email the link to out-of-town prospects for them to download the guide on their computer or mobile device; share it on social media, and ask others following you to share it too! Get custom business cards printed with the guide URL or QR Code so it’s easy for people to download; add it to your LinkedIn profile so out-of-town contacts have quick access; create or use a specific relocation landing page to attract and capture new leads using the relocation guide as premium content. These are just a few quick ideas that have proven effective.

There are no monthly fees. The custom Relocation Guide is yours to use for as long as you would like for the single one-time price.  The Landing Page Platform is your as well; you may keep it hosted on our servers for free the first year and only $20/year thereafter.

Absolutely!  Upon approval of your finished guide, let us know that you want printed copies and we’ll upload the full bleed version for printing to Blurb.com – an online short-order printer – for you to order direct from them.  It does take extra time for us to do the upload so we only do it upon request.  Allow up to two days to receive your private link to order your personal magazine.

We’re here to support the product as much as you need.  Many changes are available Free-of-Charge:  Updates to your contact information, bio, and any typos you might find in the guide.  There is a small one-time design fee ($10 – $25) to update a new photo, add/remove team members or if you change real estate brokerages.  We’re here to support you, and we make it easy and quick.

We can accommodate up to 4 agent photos and contact information on your personal page in the magazine.  If you have more than 4 team members you will need to submit one team photo, one team bio and one main contact phone number and email address.

Yes, we would be willing to license the editable (RAW) documents that we have compiled to create the Relocation Guide.  Please note that the raw editable files are packaged as an Adobe InDesign document with many elements created in Adobe Illustrator; as such you will need access to up-to-date versions of Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, and the knowledge to use these specialized applications.  If you are unfamiliar using these Adobe applications we highly discourage you from purchasing a license to the editable (RAW) documents.  Please contact us directly if you are interested in purchasing access to our editable raw files.