We’re Different.

We’re an online marketing agency that specializes in client generation & development for professional service providers.

“We’re Different.”  It’s a phrase that has become a cliché; robbed of its intended descriptive meaning, cheapened by ad wizards that should have known better.  The reality in advertising is that nearly every shop is loaded with awesome talent – creative designers, amazing UX designers, vivid wordsmith copywriters, and hipster programmers with lumberjack beards. But, as agencies have become more commoditized the gap between creativity and bottom line results has widened; something is missing, something materially different.

Attention, Offer, Action.

Creativity is a tool; not a substitute for substance. Advertising that lacks the three basic marketing principles of attention, offer, and call-to-action will fly like a cinder block thrown off the Golden Gate Bridge – straight down.  The reason such a simple set of rules are so often neglected is because of the gigantic void between the amazing talent orchestrating computer workstations in contrast to the sales challenges present in our respected client bases.

Number 1 in Sales.

We’re different because we approach our client marketing projects from the perspective of sales, not from a color wheel.  Both Karen and Richard come from an advertising sales background where they frequently earned the top spot in sales wherever they shared their talent.  They’re experts in the lead, prospecting, and sales development lifecycle – and it’s the material difference between how we approach online marketing versus the great majority of talented agencies that represent the marketplace.  We’re different.

If you want your online presence to positively impact your bottom line, let’s talk.