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Real Estate Solutions

for residential real estate professionals

The, “if you build it they will come” concept doesn’t work in real estate marketing.  We build effective real estate promotion vehicles for continuous business generation.

Starts with Ideas

It starts with a good idea.

An idea that allows you to promote, gains organic traction, attracts leads and converts them into prospects, and month after month, results into transactions.  Let’s be honest, you’re not going to accomplish those objectives with just a website and a nifty CRM – you need well-executed ideas to accompany your website thereby driving viable contacts into your CRM.

That’s where we come in with well-executed ideas.  We produce high quality, industry-specific content marketing, powerful landing pages, website suites, and PPC management. Our products are intentional – not a, if you build it they will come concept – purpose driven products to make promoting easy, organic traffic a reality, with tangible results, month after month.

Real Estate Content

People are online searching for answers using keywords, connected phrases, and descriptive search phrases.  Having branded real estate content significantly improves the potential that you’ll be the person that is found during one of those searches.  Branded real estate content gives you an effective promotion mechanism with an easy call to action built-in.

We produce a wide range of unique and exclusive branded content items; in many ways, branded real estate content is our secret herbs & spices recipe…  except, we publish our secret far and wide.

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Real Estate Content
Real Estate Landing Pages

Real Estate Landing Pages

In marketing, the offer is the bait. It’s the offer that captures attention and draws prospects towards you. Real estate landing pages function as the hook. Landing pages allow you to transition anonymous traffic into personal contact information which an important first-step in relationship building. With a landing page you’ll know who to contact and their interest-level.

We’re landing page experts and we’ve created so many landing pages and platforms over the past 15-years we’ve simply lost count.

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Real Estate Website Platform

As you might imagine with our content and landing page emphasis our real estate websites are quite the improvement over your premium real estate website. While most real estate websites focus on IDX and nifty CRM backends without much concern for service differentiation or lead conversion – we focus on differentiation and lead conversions.

Our real estate websites stand out for the simple reason that they represent years of content and landing page development not available from any other company.

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Real Estate Website
Real Estate Pay-Per-Click Management

Real Estate AdWords Management

With a focused Google AdWords campaign we exercise a bit more control in your market reach and lead conversions. We’re able to fine tune the audience that receives you by targeting specific communities, demographics, and by varying marketing messages. In real estate, Google Adwords is best used to target niche services and markets.

We’ve been creating and managing Google Adwords for clients for nearly 10 years – we’re multi-certified across many Google AdWords & Analytic products.

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