We have a friend who recently sold his home outside of Boise, ID for $500k.  He was in the life stage of needing to get out of debt and started researching the best way to do this.  He learned that he needed to rid himself of the largest financial strains he had, that being his house and car payment.

During his research, if he would have come across a real estate agents site that shared how they could help him sell his home and get out of debt, he would have contacted that agent.  But instead, there was nothing out there from any agents on the topic.  He ended up coming to us for a referral.

Why People Sell Their Home

We did the research and found that people sell their home because they are moving on to a different life stage – be it marriage, retirement, career move or something else.

Best Time to Connect with These People

The best time to connect with these people is during their research phase.  For example, say someone is getting divorced.  They may not know what all that entails so they simply type in “divorce” in the search field.  There is so much to consider – custody, assets, debt and more.  Selling their home may not have even crossed their mind yet.  But if during their search they see an article about selling their home due to divorce, that may just remind them they need to add that to their to-do list.

How Landing Pages Help

This is where having landing pages on specific life stages can really help.  If you’re an agent and have a landing page on the topic of selling your home due to divorce and, as in the example above, they see it, there’s a good chance the topic will speak to them since they are currently going through that life stage. When they click the link, it brings them to your landing page with helpful information on the topic along with your contact information and a form they can submit to get more information.

This connects you with a prospect early on in their research phase, allowing you to start building a relationship long before they’re ready to put the for-sale sign in the yard.

How We Can Help

It is for exactly this reason we created the Livifed Life Stages Listing Platform.  We took the top 12 reasons people sell their home and created a landing page on each topic.  This way when someone is researching that topic now real estate agents have a way to connect with these people.