We really know Landing Pages

We develop highly effective individual landing pages, landing page suites, landing pages in connection with broader marketing campaigns – truth be told, landing page development is our passion and our bread-and-butter.

Individual Landing Pages

Individual Landing Pages

We have landing pages focused on promoting relocation guides, buyer guides, seller guides, various injury and family law topics, to a range of healthcare topics from family health to Otolaryngology. Our individual landing pages are usually driven by our content which is ultimately driven by market requests. As we develop these individual content marketing pieces we create custom landing pages to make lead attraction and conversion more effective.

Landing Page Suites

The Livified Life Stages Platform encompasses common life changes that often require the assistance of a professional service provider – many of which we serve.  We have several variants of the platform to cater to the unique needs within each industry group.  We have a platform for residential real estate professionals, family lawyers, and family healthcare practitioners.

Livified - The Life Stages Platform

Custom Landing Pages

Custom Landing Pages

We create custom landing pages. For a custom campaign we suggest creating a handful of custom pages around a specific targeted message and utilize A/B testing to fine tune the campaign. We really have no limit on the look, feel, and features we can utilize on any given page – and with access to thousands of high quality stock images and stock video we can produce something quite special.


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