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SEO & PPC Management

branded content

Custom Guides / Specialized Content / Freemium

Specialized Branded Content

Specialized branded content is a magazine, guide, or other piece of content we create that is entirely branded around you without a single other advertiser to distract your audience.  The content is naturally aligned with your marketing goals to leverage content into a workable lead.

You ought to care because branded content is often the easiest and most affordable solution from cliché-riddled offerless marketing to advertising that produces viable prospects that ultimately drive revenue.  Branded content allows you to extend easy offers, add value to your marketing, and expand your marketing toolbox.

We produce a wide range of specialized branded content – from community specific relocation magazines to various professional guides that target niche audiences.

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landing pages

Landing Page Development / Industry-Specific Websites

Landing Page Development

Landing Pages are all about attracting and converting internet traffic into workable leads.  Landing page development is much more focused than general web design and uses several marketing disciplines to accomplish the goal-oriented task.  Landing pages are clear in purpose, extensively search engine optimized, and performance driven.

When it comes to Landing Page Development, we’re a bit different in our practice.  We’re a full service landing page developer.  This means, we write content, design the platform, craft entry and exit conversion triggers, search engine optimize, and monitor/improve page performance. It seems most other landing page developers are actually just web designers waiting on their clients for everything – we’re not fans of waiting.

We primarily specialize in landing page development for professional service providers such as lawyers, doctors, and real estate professionals.  We have a number of turnkey solutions for these industries while creating specialty landing pages for specific industry or market niches.

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seo / ppc

Google Search Optimization / PPC Management

SEO / PPC Management

Google uses an advanced search algorithm to evaluate and weigh over 200 different data points to assign rank relevance to individual webpages used within its search results.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) management seeks to optimize websites and webpages to improve relevant search engine ranking so your content is found on page one.  We utilize approved, up-to-date best-practice search engine optimization techniques to improve search rank and relevance – you might be surprised to learn that there are still a lot of SEO consultants pushing decade old techniques that are completely ineffective.

We are also active Google Adwords and Microsoft Bing account managers.  We’re certified in Google Search, Google Mobile, Google Display, Google Shopping, Google Digital Sales, Google Analytics, and Microsoft Bing.  As professional SEO & PPC Managers we’re committed to be the best for our clients and this means a commitment to continuing education and staying current on all relevant trends.

We also acknowledge effective Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click advertising go hand-in-hand so we blend the best of SEO and PPC management into every project we manage.

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