stop paying for bad leads

Every day agents share stories with us about their frustration with the lead quality they receive when purchasing a lead program.  That’s why we say stop paying for bad leads!

Agents often look at lead services as fishing lines in a river of real estate opportunity.  With each website they buy and launch, it’s like a new fishing pole in the water.  With each new lead service they subscribe too, it’s a new fishing lure to attract the next big fish.  Stop paying for bad leads!

Investing in many websites or lead services is equal to investing in several small fishing boats unable to navigate deep waters.  For the ocean, what you want is a sizeable ship that is seaworthy and confident.

This means investing in a single platform where you can focus your efforts.  A platform that is flexible and able to integrate a wide range of lead attracting landing pages.  A focused platform will enjoy stronger organic search rank and allow you to focus your paid advertising on a single platform.

Own the platform

Investing in third-party leads is a lot like investing in capital improvements for a home you’re renting.  Would you put in a pool, remodel the kitchen, and add a bathroom to a home you’re renting?  Then why are you investing money in someone else’s website when you could integrate most features on your own website?

If you’re buying leads from top real estate browsing platforms in the industry you’re more than likely sharing those leads.  This diminishes lead quality.  Instead find ways to market better value and drive traffic to your website by using topic-spcific landing pages.  The result is higher quality leads, lower lead competition, and best of all, no more paying for bad leads.