I’m a fan of Placester and I admire the market niche they’ve carved out for themselves.  In the DIY real estate website sphere, I can’t think of a better positioned product. In fact, for a while we kicked around the idea of using Placester as our base platform for our real estate clients to build from – we didn’t for reasons we’ll cite later.


Placester is a do-it-yourself real estate website platform with a ton of built-in tools that make setting up your website fairly straightforward.  From a design standpoint, the standard templates are modern, present a positive user-experience, and feature a responsive design making it multi-device compatible.

PlacesterThe sites come standard with IDX integration (MLS rules still apply), a CRM, and drip marketing capabilities.  These 3 features cover the basics every agent website ought to provide.  While the basic platform is FREE for members of the National Association of REALTORS® – the price moves from zero to a $100+ a month fairly quickly as you add back the standard features (IDX, CRM, & Drip Marketing).  In fact, I feel the offer of FREE is fairly disingenuous considering this FREE product doesn’t do anything Placester is known for.


It is a well established and maintained product.  You can tell the folks at Placester take pride in their product, it looks good, functions well, and comes standard with most of the features the average agent is going to want.


It’s a do-it-yourself website platform – this means, setting up the website, filling it with content, creating pages, conversion pages, images, communities, etc, all depend on the agent themselves to do.  And while it seems an easy undertaking at first, the internet is full of unfinished real estate websites.  Also, as a DIY product, it doesn’t suit customization well which is why we choose not to develop on top of Placester.


The price for Placester seems to have gone up in 2017 and now starts at $150 a month.  Yet, for this price you get everything the average agent would need from a real estate website.  For the price, it’s still a good value.

How we compare?

Out of fairness, we’re in a different category than Placester.  They specialize in a ‘do-it-yourself’ website platform – whereas, we’re a ‘do it for you’ company. If you’re someone who enjoys tinkering with your own website (without CSS, HTML, PHP) Placester is a better fit – if you prefer attentive customer service and access to folks who will do it for you, we’re a better fit.  For years, Placester was less expensive than we were, not sure when this changed, but these days we’re less expensive – we might need to raise our prices.  I can’t say anything negative about Placester, like I wrote earlier, we’re fans – it all just depends on what you’re looking for and how much website work you’re willing to do yourself – if the answer is, you’re willing to do the work, Placester might be for you.

Placester is a website company and sought to create a great easy-to-edit website. Whereas, we’re an online marketing company that developed a great web platform we’ve made available to real estate agents.

Bottom line, if you aren’t afraid of rolling up your sleeves, Placester is a good real estate website product for a good portion of the real estate agents out there.