Individual Landing Pages

It’s hard to believe websites have been going strong for over 25 years – watching the internet evolve from a static and crude information platform into a dynamic entertainment media has been exciting.

Today, a modern real estate website represents well over $10,000 worth of technology and design for a fraction of that cost – from responsive design for maximum screen and device compatibility, sophisticated IDX integration, blogs and other content, multiple contact forms with text notification, and often overlooked, lightning fast web servers.  But why do some real estate websites rank high relatively quickly while other real estate websites that have been online for a decade are lost someplace past page 10? And, why do some real estate agent websites deliver a steady stream of quality prospects while others haven’t ever seen a lead?  The answer is often ‘landing pages’.

First, what is a real estate landing page?

Technically speaking, any website page a visitor comes in on is called a Landing Page – but, in a marketing sense, a real estate landing page is a standalone page to drive a single message with a focused purpose. So, for example, when a website visitor is looking at a single real estate listing one could make the argument that is a landing page trying to sell that single listing. I use the real estate listing as an example because it is the most common landing page concept – especially useful if the listing has some uniqueness to it: location, price, size, amenity, and/or feature. But let’s be honest, these types of listings are rare, so what do you do when you don’t have the perfect listing to build buzz around? Here are some ideas: Click Here

But why do you need a Real Estate Landing Page?  Here are 5 good reasons.

Real Estate Landing Pages

Keep promoting yourself even when you don’t have that perfect listing to brag about.

The weakest call-to-action I see far too often is, “whether you’re buying or selling real estate…” This statement isn’t an actual offer – it’s basically restating what people already know every real estate agent does – agents use it because they often don’t know what else to say. Creating a series of landing pages around promotable topics gives you something other than clichés to talk about.  For example, creating a Most Affordable Golf Communities landing page and promote around it will get far more traction than ‘whether you’re buying or selling…”

Generates a steady stream of quality leads.

The more landing pages your website contains the more organic leads you’ll attract around your landing page topics. As your website grows in content, every page within your site will benefit from the relevance and reputation bump your website gains from the additional content. I often like to describe landing pages as fishing poles in a lake, obviously, the more lines you have in the water the more fish (prospects) you’ll get on a hook.  As pages get stale, I recommend recreating new pages around the same topic to freshen it up.

Keeps your website relevant and active.

It’s no secret that the number one way to gain ground in your organic search rank is adding content – content is king when it comes to SEO.  Building new landing pages helps create focused, highly relevant content that does well within search results thereby increasing your online footprint.  The more content-relevant pages your website contains the larger your online footprint.

Builds viral appeal – give something for people to share or talk about.

Landing pages gives you and others something simple to share.  For example, if you’re an agent in a popular tourist destination, a landing page for Best Vacation Home Buys is something residents may share with their friends looking for second home in the area.  This type of landing page often does well virally and organically within search results.

Establish Your Expertise

Telling people you’re good at something isn’t as good as showing them how good you are.  For example, telling people you specialize in Lake Homes doesn’t quite articulate what that means – asking them to visit your Luxury Lake Homes landing page is a visual representation to your dedication and expertise.  Building landing pages around your expertise, the types of property, or interests, is a great way to build a powerful prospect database while establishing your niche.