Every Business Needs Customers

No matter the industry, every business needs customers.  Have you ever wondered where your next customer will come from?

As a sales professional I have worked with many types of industries to gain new business with a product or service I knew would help facilitate that growth.  If I didn’t think the product or service would work for them, I wouldn’t sell it.  That is why it always stung just that much more when I would get the door slammed in my face, the phone hung up on or the email screaming in all caps to remove them from the email list.

Where Will Your Next Customer Come From

Now to the point of where your next customer comes from.  Just because I’m trying to sell you something today doesn’t mean I won’t be your next customer tomorrow.  Years ago as an advertising executive I went into a designer sunglass company.  I love designer sunglasses so I thought this would be the perfect pairing – I had a service to help a business selling a product I loved.  Immediately after introducing myself to the owner she told me to get out of her store, that whatever I was selling she didn’t want.  She was quite rude and abrasive, treating me like a common criminal.  Guess where I went the next time I was shopping for a pair of sunglasses?  I can promise you it wasn’t her store, costing her a couple hundred bucks in sales that day.

Just recently I have been working with many real estate agents in one particular area of the country.  Most of these agents have found our product as a very useful tool in their marketing arsenal to gain new prospective buyers.  Once they see the finished product I have had agents respond with a great big “Thank You!”  “It looks great!”  “You guys are awesome!”  But then there are agents who never gave the product a chance to begin with – who immediately shut me down, being accusatory, and again, treating me like a common criminal without even knowing anything about it.

Benefits of Being Kind

Which brings me to the reason for this post.  My husband and I have decided to move our little family to this particular part of the country and will be in need of a real estate agent in the near future.  When looking through the list of the thousand agents in this area, who do you think we’ll choose?  This time around instead of it costing the business owner hundreds of dollars, it’ll be in the thousands!

So if you’re in the sunglass business, selling real estate, healthcare, practicing law, or any business that depends on customers, I urge you to take a moment to listen when a vendor approaches you.  Whether you need the service or not, whether you can afford it or not, this vendor may someday be your next customer.  Taking just a few minutes out of your day and being polite and kind to this person may not only be worth the revenue you gain from it, it may just make you a happier person in the long run!